Elivira (eliviralikespie) wrote,

Drabble Series - Canvas - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (1/?)

Title: Canvas

Author: Elivira

Category: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Rating: PG-13

Wordcount: 100

Pairings: Gen

Warnings: Mental manipulation, brainwashing

Summary: He is nothing, just a blank canvas waiting to be painted.

Author's Note My entry for International Fanworks Day 2015 over on AO3. I'm pretty fascinated with The Winter Soldier and have been meaning to write a oneshot for awhile and finally got around to it! Enjoy!

When he wakes he is nothing but a blank canvas with only the bare minimum holding him together. Dark hair, pale skin, hard cloth and shining metal. He is nothing until they paint him with red. He listens to the silence (before they know he is awake), to the mission (who to find, who to kill), and he leaves the Room with nothing but what they give him. He is nothing but a shadow as he finds his target. Aiming his gun and shooting with accuracy he doesn't remember having. He is nothing but a canvas with marks of red.

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Tags: captain america: the winter soldier, drabble, fanfiction

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