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Fic Exchange - Crazy is a Matter of Opinion - Supernatural

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Recipient: sameuspegasus
Author: eliviralikespie
Title: Crazy is a Matter of Opinion
Summary: Helen isn't senile. She may be old, she may live in a nursing home but she knows she isn't senile. The blue eyed man conversing with the cat most certainly is though, there is no other explanation.
Characters/Pairings: Castiel, Dean, Sam, OC/Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Nothing really, I guess for the episode Hunteri Heroici.
Wordcount: 1,013
Author's Note: Yay! I'm so excited! Thanks to Just_Ruth for the epic art and I hope you like it. Also, I self beta'd so any mistakes are my own and for some reason LJ wouldn't let me add my author tag.

A link to the wonderful art post on the artist's page.

Helen is not senile; she knows she isn't. The only reason she lives in a home is because she broke her hip while trying to collect the mail six months ago. Her daughter is a medical resident and barely has time to care for herself, let alone her ageing mother as well. So Helen was put into the home. It's not the worst place that she could've ended up spending the rest of her days. But that's all beside point; the point is that, unlike most of many of the other residents, Helen is not senile.

This young man though, she wonders about. He comes in with two other young men, all claiming to be FBI Agents and she watches them, because the most interesting thing to ever happen around here is the time May Miller almost choked to death on a chess piece. The man has dark hair and bright blue eyes that remind her of her husband's.

The men converse quietly to each other, voices low enough that Helen can't make out what they're saying, before moving on to talk to residents. As they approach Georgina Tate, Helen knows they will soon give up. If Helen is not senile, Ms. Tate is the sheer opposite.

They talk for a moment before the blue eyed man turns to leave, looking extremely miffed. Helen doesn't blame him; Ms. Tate has that effect on everyone. Not that Ms. Tate isn't nice; Helen just prefers to spend time with the saner residents.

"I'll interrogate the cat." He says, looking in the direction of the coffee table the cat likes to frequent.

Helen blinks, and blinks again, unsure if she’d heard that right.

He walks over to the orange tabby; whose name she thinks might be Fred but could be Marci for all she knows. She usually keeps her distance because even though the cat is supposed to be hypoallergenic it still makes her sneeze.

“Have you seen anything suspicious or unusual around here lately?” The man asks the cat.

'Only you.' Helen thinks, and unsurprisingly the cat refrains from answering. Helen wonders if this man thinks he’s Dr. Doolittle’s long lost heir or something.

"Cold spots? Flickering lights? Strange smells?" The man continues sounding as if he's talking from a script. Helen stares, the cat blinks slowly, looking bored.

The blue-eyed man narrows his eyes, and Helen can't help but think he looks remarkably like her late husband. "Answer the inquiry." The man tells the cat firmly.

The cat makes no move to respond and Helen waits for the man’s reaction." The man glares harder. "There are robberies happening to residents the this residence. Information would be much appreciated."

Helen stares harder. This is crazy. He is crazy.'Or maybe,' Helen thinks to herself, 'it's me who's gone crazy.'

"I know you know something.” The man says angrily at the cat. "It will make this easier for both of us if you tell me the truth.” He slams his hand down on the table loud enough that the cat lifts its head. The man looks pleased.

Helen laughs softly. This is great, better than TV, most of the other residents are so uninteresting that Helen sometimes wants to run away. Well, shuffle away. Running, not so much.

"Cas, lets go." The shorthaired FBI agent commands as he approaches. He’s tall, but not as tall the man following behind him and Helen wonders if men has gotten taller since she was young.

The blue-eyed man, Cas must be his name, turns toward the other agent. "I've almost cracked him." He replies seriously and Helen has to stifle a laugh.

"Now." Commands the other man in a way that reminds Helen of how she used to talk to her daughter when she was being particularly recalcitrant.

Cas turns back to the cat. "I'm not through with you." He points at the it, glares and Helen laughs softly. Definitely better than TV.

"I couldn't get him to talk," Cas says to the shorthaired agent as they start to walk away, "but I know he knows something."

"I'm sure that's right Cas. But Sam found something, we think we might have figured out who's behind it." Helen strains to hear more but they're too far away.

They talk amongst themselves as they head toward the resident rooms toward the back. Helen wonders absently what they are going to do now and is tempted to follow them. She is anything but stealthy though and quickly dismissed the idea.

She is soon distracted from her thoughts of strange men when Sheila's birthday cake explodes, spraying the room with so much red velvet that Helen secretly thinks it looks like someone was gruesomely murdered. So, with the distraction of living in a home with not-so-sane people, Helen mostly forgets about the blue eyed man.

* * *

The next time she sees the blue eyed man, she decides she likes calling him that better than his name because its sounds much more mysterious, he is sitting with Fred. Helen hasn't spent any considerable amount of time with Fred but she does know he is not the most lucid of men out there.

Fred is one of the stranger residents, he just sits there all day, watching cartoons and whenever someone changes the channel, it always somehow finds its way back to Bug’s Bunny, or Tom and Jerry. Helen thinks that he must be able to use the remote or something; Ms. Tate thinks he is magical. Ms. Tate thinks a lot of things though and Helen usually ignores her.

Cas stays around for a week, helping the caretakers and hanging out with Fred. Helen wonders what is so interesting about the old man but no matter how hard she thinks she can’t come up with anything.

He disappears one day. He leaves nothing behind, just disappears like he hadn’t been there in the first place. One day she asks a nurse about him and she says that he had family matters to attend to.

'Oh well.' Helen thinks but secretly hopes for his return.
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